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Rapid Remaps offers quality services by trained specialists, who will ensure that the qualities; low down tractability, reliability and fuel economy, the main qualities that attracted you to a diesel engine, are not to be compromised. When remapping a diesel, we aim to increase these qualities within the safety limits of the car. If you choose to remap or retune your diesel engine, you will notice an improvement in increased horsepower, torque, better throttle response, smoother power delivery and improved fuel economy, along with safer overtaking. We achieve these outcomes by matching parameters, boost pressure, fuel delivery and adjust the maps electronically to limit the torque, throttle response and top speed. All the information is found in the ECU, and is optimised by our trained technicians.

Why don’t manufactures have these settings as standard?

When a new car or van is produced by a manufacturer, it is automatically built with standard factory settings. Manufacturers choose these settings as they feel that these settings are the ones which will be most beneficial for most people. However, not every vehicle user drives in the same way or for the same purpose. Remapping can help you to make your vehicle work for your specific needs. Whether you are having a single vehicle remapped or a whole fleet of vehicles, your technician will probably want to discuss your needs with you, so that that they can find the best solution for you. They may need to ask your how you drive and why you drive, and they can use this information, along with the specifications of your vehicle, to come up with a unique solution for you. This means that the solution that you receive will be personal to your needs, and therefore you should be able to access the best possible savings.

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