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Rapid Remaps offers quality services by trained specialists, who will ensure that the qualities; low down tractability, reliability and fuel economy, the main qualities that attracted you to a diesel engine, are not to be compromised. When remapping a diesel, we aim to increase these qualities within the safety limits of the car. If you choose to remap or retune your diesel engine, you will notice an improvement in increased horsepower, torque, better throttle response, smoother power delivery and improved fuel economy, along with safer overtaking. We achieve these outcomes by matching parameters, boost pressure, fuel delivery and adjust the maps electronically to limit the torque, throttle response and top speed. All the information is found in the ECU, and is optimised by our trained technicians.

Services we provides

Save Fuel


Save Fuel ImageRapid Remaps can help to save you money on fuel by remapping your vehicle to help to reduce the amount of fuel that it consumes. Remapping can help to decrease your fuel consumption by between 8-15%, depending on the type of vehicle that is being worked on. In addition to this, if you are able to follow the specialist driving tips which are given to you by our experts, you may be able to cut fuel consumption by even more than this. These tips help you to alter your driving style so that you do not waste fuel with unnecessary, bad driving habits.

On average, commercial consumers are able to see reductions of at least 10%, and these savings can quickly add up to real savings which you can see on your company bills. For commercial drivers, most remaps pay for themselves within just a few months, and following that (depending on your vehicle's MPG and your annual mileage), savings can amount to thousands of pounds per year, per remapped vehicle. Talk to one of our remapping experts about your needs and the way that you use your vehicle or fleet, and we can try to help you to cut your fuel costs without reducing performance.


Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Solutions


DPF Warning LightThe Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a device which is designed to reduce the emissions produced by your engine. When the device is working correctly, it can help to trap soot and particle matter, whilst allowing other gases to flow through. When the device is not working correctly, it can end up doing more harm than good, including reducing your performance and fuel economy, and causing your engine to overheat. At Rapid Remaps, we are able to provide solutions to the various problems which affect DPF in vehicles.

The team at Rapid Remaps understand that not every DPF problem has the same solution, and that "forced regeneration" techniques which are used by some garages can actually be harmful to your vehicle. We strive to find the right DPF solution for your vehicle by considering the type & condition of the vehicle, your current usage, and any future plans which you might have for the vehicle. By doing full diagnostics, we can get to the root cause of the problem, and work to replace, recalibrate or reset as appropriate. In addition to fixing DPF problems, we can also make changes to boost your performance and fuel economy stats.


ECU Remapping


Rev Counter ImageThe team at Rapid Remaps can remap your vehicle's Engine Control Unit (ECU) to help you to get the most out of your vehicle. The ECU controls a lot of the functions of your engine by analysing information which has been collected from sensors around your vehicle, and then adapting your engines behaviour based on this information. Although all cars these days are issued with an ECU that is programmed with standard factory settings, these factory settings do not meet every driver's needs. Adapting these settings to meet your needs can help to improve your driving experience.

At Rapid Remaps, we will listen to your driving needs and try to reprogram your ECU so that your vehicle is better able to meet your needs. Rather than performing generic remapping, we will find out why and how you drive, and then change your ECU to help you to benefit. This can help you to reduce emissions, lower fuel costs, maintain motorway speeds using less throttle, get smoother power delivery, and many other improvements. Of course, we will always ensure that any modifications to your ECU are within safe operating ranges and will not compromise the usage of your vehicle.


EGR Removal

EGR RemovalExhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) devices are designed to reduce emissions from your vehicle by recirculating some of your engine's exhausts back into your intake. Although this is designed to make your vehicle environmentally cleaner, it can cause your engine to become clogged up with carbon deposits, and can reduce your engine's performance levels. Ultimately, your EGR can result in you having to have costly repairs done on your engine. If you drive regularly, it may be better for your engine if you have the EGR system removed.
At Rapid Remaps, we are able to remove the EGR system by banking exhaust input and remapping your Engine Control Unit (ECU), we are able to offer you lowered engine temperatures, improved fuel economy, improved throttle responses, and reduced oil contamination within your engine itself. Although EGR systems are fitted to vehicles as standard nowadays, it is perfectly acceptable to bypass the system, as long as it is done safely. Having this simple fix done on your engine can save you money in the long run, as these components are often associated with reduced engine performance and costly trips to your car mechanic.

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