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Rapid Remaps offers quality services by trained specialists, who will ensure that the qualities; low down tractability, reliability and fuel economy, the main qualities that attracted you to a diesel engine, are not to be compromised. When remapping a diesel, we aim to increase these qualities within the safety limits of the car. If you choose to remap or retune your diesel engine, you will notice an improvement in increased horsepower, torque, better throttle response, smoother power delivery and improved fuel economy, along with safer overtaking. We achieve these outcomes by matching parameters, boost pressure, fuel delivery and adjust the maps electronically to limit the torque, throttle response and top speed. All the information is found in the ECU, and is optimised by our trained technicians.

the Mk7 Golf Remapping Software is here!!

Improve your MK7 VW Golf with Rapid Remaps 

A lot of car owners have heard about remapping, but they think that remapping is only for older vehicles or vehicles which have already been in use for a while, but that is not necessarily true. It is possible to remap most engines, to help to improve their performance and to help to make them more fuel efficient. For example, the team at Rapid Remaps have been working hard to get software that enables them to do remapping on the entire new MK7 VW Golf range, including GTI, GTD and R models, and now that the software is ready, the team are pleased to be able to offer full remaps to owners of these models of Volkswagen, as well as other vehicles.

Although the MK7 VW Golf range is an impressive car when it is purchased with a factory settings engine, the specs of the vehicle can indubitably be improved by remapping and tuning of the vehicle's ecu. This is because remapping allows the vehicle to be altered so that it is more suitable for each individual driver. Rather than the car being a standard MK7 VW Golf, the remapping technique can help to transform the vehicle into a MK7 VW Golf which you will love to drive.

During the remapping process, subtle changes will be made to the way that your engine responds to the signals which it receive from elsewhere in the vehicle. Changing these responses can help you to get a better drive out of your car. For example, these changes can allow your engine to have improved acceleration, improved Under Bonnet Remapingtowing power, increased torque, and better fuel economy. All of the changes which are made to your car as part of the remapping process are done within the safe limits of your vehicle, so you do not need to worry about any compromises being made to you or those around you. Once your remapping is completed, your vehicles will also be rigorously tested to make sure that the process has achieved the desired effects, and that everything is working as it should. If you do decide that you don't like the changes that you have made, or if you decide that you would prefer your vehicle to be in original condition for resale, it is always possible to restore your vehicle to its standard factory sessions. However, doing this will mean that you lose out on all of the fantastic benefits which are available to you when you have a remapped vehicle at your disposal.

In addition to the standard remapping process, Rapid Remaps are also able to offer Golf R drivers access to Racechip processors. These DIY installed processors (plug and play) are designed to offer improved fuel economy to the vehicle, improved performance (giving the vehicle up to 363bhp) and a range of other fully adjustable settings. Installing a Racechip in your VW RaceChip UltimateGolf can increase performance by up to 31 %, increase torque by up to 26% and can offer fuel savings of up to 1l/100km. With heat resistant, reinforced fibre glass casing, the Racechip is able to offer improved performance for vehicle drivers, even when the vehicle is being driven under adverse conditions. The superfast processor only needs a few microseconds to react to changes around it, meaning that you can have one of the smoothest rides to date. The whole Racechip series has been designed to be so easy to plugin and use, that you do not even need any special tools to add it to your vehicle, so you can actually put it in, and take it out without needing to visit the garage at all.

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